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The main requirement of website maintenance is to ensure that the existing quality of a website is preserved over time. If left unattended, content can become out of date, links can break, and the website can lose its overall appeal to its target audience.

Our website maintenance plans can protect the investment you made in your website by making your website maintenance a simple stress-free experience. We will ensure that your website updates get the attention to detail and accuracy that is essential to maintain your site's success. Communication is handled by e-mail, SMS, telephone or fax, and you will always be informed as soon as the required updates are carried out.

Our website maintenance plans usually include the following:

  • Content update, announcements, articles, etc.
  • Replacing images (pictures and graphics)
  • Adding or removing pages as appropriate
  • Newsletter and mailing list maintenance
  • Shopping cart product updates where applicable
  • Addition and modification of website content
  • PDF document creation and uploading

Please contact us for a customised website maintenance plan that is specifically designed to suit your needs.


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